WineStar ® specializes in the manufacture of lead-free crystalline stem glasses, carafes, decanters and tumbler. The products are manufactured since 2000 from high-grade, unleaded crystal glass based on a specific commodity composition and displaced in Austria and other 35 countries around the world.
Particular emphasis is on elegant design, high brilliance and especially to increased security breach caused by a special hardening process.
All products are therefore increased unbreakable and dishwasher suitable.
The products meet the needs of national and international top restaurants in terms of wine consumption, aesthetics, and increased fracture resistance and dishwasher suitability at the highest level.
The wine enjoyment from WineStar ® crystal glasses will thus also for the industrial and the private wine lovers for sensuous and aesthetic experience.
You will receive the highest quality at a fair price.

Mag. Heinz Nagler

Executive director